Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cat Hollow

Cat Hollow is a suburb of Austin, Texas, located in Round Rock.  This master-planned community is off Great Oaks Drive at O’Connor Drive, about 23 miles Northwest of Downtown Austin.  The area is north of 45, West of 620, and east of Great Oaks Drive.  Cat Hollow is popular with those looking for highly rated schools and a suburban feel.  

A lot of people choose Cat Hollow as a home base for commutes into both Austin and Round Rock.  It is less than four miles from Cat Hollow to Round Rock.  Cat Hollow is also less than 7 miles from Lakeline Mall.  

Cat Hollow Park and Pool is popular with area residents for its swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, baseball/kickball field, open fields, playground, shade trees, picnic tables, covered pavilion, and trails.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Brushy Creek Apartments

This month, we’re spotlighting the Brushy Creek Neighborhood of Austin, Texas.  This week, we’ll be taking a look at some of the apartments in this North Austin area.

The Marquis at Brushy Creek is very new, completed in 2008, and provides unique amenities like billiards and tanning beds for its residents.  It also has a resort-style pool, and units have full sized washer/dryer connections.

The Ranch Apartments have a putting green so you can practice your swing and kitchens feature side by side refrigerators.  Units also have oversized tubs so you can relax comfortably when you need a bubble bath.

Sycamore Springs are built to condo specifications, have a pet park so your doggie will love it there too, plus there are two pools!

Ventana Oaks provides unique floor plans, most with garages, full-sized washer and dryer connections, and it backs up to a ranch so you can enjoy the peace of nature.

The Remington is a newer complex, built in 2007, and provides huge floor plans.  The complex has a resort-style pool and units include washer and dryers.

Platinum Lakeline Apartment Homes is conveniently located within walking distance of metro rail.  It is also a newer complex, built in 2009, and some buildings even have elevators.  Hall units include washers and dryers.

Riverton at Davis Springs is located close to Lakeline Mall, provides access gates for safety, storage units for convenience, as well as a resort style pool for recreation.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Apartment Hunting Tips

Apartment hunting can be overwhelming.  There are so many choices, it can be difficult to make a decision. helps you find the perfect space with their apartment hunting tips for renters.  

By narrowing your search to one or two favorite neighborhoods, you can relieve some of the headache and time that goes into looking at a lot of complexes.  Think about things like cute stores and nightlife but don't forget requirements like your budget and proximity to work or public transportation.  If you're moving somewhere new, walk around different neighborhoods to get a feel for them.

Decide on the three things that you absolutely cannot live without.  Budget needs to be one of your top three, of course, but the other two could be anything from how close they are to work or to school to apartment amenities like a pool.  If you aren't sure what your must-haves are, try making a list of all your desires and marking things off until you've narrowed it down to the top needs.

Take notes on the apartments you visit and even take pictures so you can refresh your memory.  Also, before you begin apartment hunting, make sure you're prepared to fill out an application and pay a deposit so if you find the perfect place it doesn't get snatched up.  You might even consider printing out your credit report to show the landlord you are a great renter.

Ask the landlord what your extra costs beyond rent will be.  Do the window treatments come with the apartment?  What utilities are you responsible for?  Are there extra charges to use complex amenities or for parking?  Are cable hook-ups already in place where they will work for you, or will you need to pay to have a new cable put in?

Pay attention to smells and noises when you tour an apartment.  Also pay attention to what kind of light the apartment gets.  A dark, smelly apartment could certainly make life pretty unpleasant.

Go ahead and play detective:  open closets, turn on the water in the shower and bathroom and kitchen faucets, and flush the toilet.  Investigate under the sinks to make sure there isn't mold, leaks or bugs, and if there are, talk to the potential landlord about their plans to fix any problems.

If you think you are going to stay for a while, try to negotiate with the landlord.  They probably won't give you a break on rent, but they may give you a longer lease so you can pay the same rent for longer, make improvements before you move in, or allow you to paint and make your own improvements.

Come armed with the measurements of any really large or important furniture you own.  Bring a tape measure when you check out an apartment and get the dimensions of doorways to make sure your pieces will fit in the space.  If they won't, and it's something you don't want to part with, it's best to find it out before moving day.

Finally, get EVERYTHING in writing.  Anything you and the landlord agree on should be written down and signed by both parties. 

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Decorating a Rental

Decorating a rental can sometimes be frustrating and leave you with paralyzed and in a space that doesn't look like yours at all.  With's tips, you'll be living in a place that feels like home in no time at all!  

First of all, base your decisions on how long you expect to stay in the apartment.  If you like the size of your place and don't expect the rent to go up soon, painting and making some more serious changes could be worth it because you'll be staying there for a while.  Your lease may stipulate you'll have to repaint before you leave or put back up the original blinds, but the enjoyment you'll get out of having a personalized space for the long haul is worth it.  On the other hand, if it's a short term rental or if you aren't sure of how long you'll be there, it's probably worth waiting to make any major changes.

Talk to your landlord before you dismiss making changes.  They may be amenable if you are planning to use a neutral color other than white, or maybe they don't like the window coverings either and will share the cost of better blinds with you.

If you're concerned about leaving holes in the walls, there are wall hooks from companies like 3M that allow you to hang pictures without damaging the walls.  You can also use wall stickers to make your walls look more vibrant and they can be removed without any damage when it's time to move on to your next place.

Finally, use accessories to make your apartment feel more like home.  Whether it's a vase of flowers on your dining table or a decorative bowl and a pile of books on your coffee table, little pieces can really help your space feel more like you.  Plus, you can take them with you when you move!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Brushy Creek Schools and Employers

This month, we’re spotlighting the Brushy Creek Neighborhood of Austin, Texas.  This week, we’ll be taking a look at the schools and employers in this Northwest Austin neighborhood.

Students in Brushy Creek attend schools in the Round Rock School District.  Students in grades Kindergarten through fifth attend Fern Bluff Elementary School, whose mascot is the Bobcat and whose colors are Silver and Royal Blue.  The school is ranked Exemplary.  

Students in grades six through eight in Brushy Creek attend the TEA Recognized Chisholm Trail Middle School, whose mascot is the Cougar and whose colors are Red, Gray and White.

Ninth through Twelfth grade students attend Round Rock High School, home of the Dragons.  Their colors are Maroon and White.  

As far as Employers near Brushy Creek, there are many because of its convenient location between Austin and Round Rock.  

Micro-Bac International is an employer less than five miles from Brushy Creek.  Micro-bac provides ecologically and environmentally sound products for cleaning up crude oil spills, paraffin build-up in oil wells, agri-business waste, animal processing facility waste, restaurant grease traps and countless other industrial and biological waste clean up projects.

Operational Strategies is a Thinking Strategy Consulting Firm consulting firm located just over four miles from Brushy Creek.  They offer services ranging from globally recognized training solutions to tailored, customized management developed programs.

Looking for an apartment in Brushy Creek?  Apartments Now can help with our expert knowledge of the vacancies, move-in specials and amenities at all the best Brushy Creek addresses.  Call us today at 512-258-8224!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Making Moving Easier for Your Dog

Moving can be really stressful for your dog, just as it can for you, but your dog's anxiety is compounded by the fact that they don't understand exactly what is going on. has a list of helpful ways you can make sure Fido's travel to their new home is as smooth as possible.

Make sure you have a dog crate that your pooch can comfortably stand up and lie down in so your dog will have a safe place to be whether in the car or in a hotel room.  This keeps them from causing any trouble while you're travelling.  You also need a leash and collar to safely allow your pet to take a walk and go to the bathroom on the road without having to worry about him running into traffic.  Frequent stops will quiet his anxiety.  Make sure you've brought doggie bags so you can be a responsible pet owner and pick up your dog's waste.

In case your dog has an accident, which can be more likely when in an unfamiliar place, bring along dog wipes so you can wipe up any messes.  Speaking of anxiety, you might discuss with your dog's vet whether it would be a good idea to give your dog tranquilizers on the trip, especially if you have a particularly nervous dog.  

Be sure to have food and water, along with bowls for each, easily accessible.  That way you'll be sure that your pet doesn't get dehydrated and will be well-fed, especially since it can be difficult to find your dog's food along the road.  Along with that, pack some of your dog's favorite treats and some toys so he can get some playtime in.

If your new destination will be cold, be sure to bring a dog sweater and booties to protect your pup from the elements.  A further step to ensure your dog's safety is to pack your dog's vet's contact information and vet records.  That way, if your dog gets sick along the way and you have to stop at an unfamiliar vet, you can give the veterinarian your dog's information.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Brushy Creek Dining and Entertainment

This month, we’re spotlighting the Brushy Creek Neighborhood of Austin.  This week, we’ll be taking a look at some of the dining and entertainment options in this Northwest Austin suburb.

If you’re looking for an unusual meal, and maybe even the ingredients to cook it with afterwards, check out Teji’s Indian Restaurant and Grocery.  They get high marks from diners for their Chicken Vindaloo, which is nice and spicy, and their light fluffy rice.  Afterwards, head over to the grocery side for some delicious ingredients so you can recreate your dish at home!

Jack Allen’s Kitchen began in Oak Hill, but now has a location up north serving up their beloved fresh, unique dishes with locally sourced ingredients.  The menu changes frequently to take advantage of what is fresh and available.  Diners especially rave about brunch, where you can eat until you waddle!

Flix Brewhouse serves up movies and beer in a comfy theatre setting showing the latest new releases.  They have a whole wall of taps, including beer they brew themselves!  And your seats are grouped based on when you bought them, so you don’t need to show up extra early to make sure you can sit with your date.

If live theatre is more your thing, Brushy Creek isn’t far from Sam Bass Community Theatre, where they’ve been serving up entertaining theatre since 1981 in the Old Round Rock Railroad Depot.  Their season usually has a variety of works, from Murder Mystery whodunits to dramas and comedies, to musicals with casts so large you can’t believe they can get that many people on stage.  They also have a Youth Guild where children and young adults learn all parts of the craft of theatre and put it to work on stage in full productions.

Looking for an apartment in Brushy Creek?  Apartments Now can help!  Give us a call today at 512-258-8224 to take advantage of our expert knowledge of the vacancies, move-in specials and amenities at all the best Brushy Creek addresses.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tips for Preparing for Professional Movers

Professional Movers can make moving a lot easier, but there are still some guidelines you need to follow, especially if it's your first time hiring somebody to do the heavy lifting.  With TLC's tips, you'll make sure you're doing it right and save money, since movers are usually paid by the hour and if you don't prepare properly, moving may take longer than it needs to.

Before moving day, be sure you've cleared with them what they will and won't move.  Most companies have guidelines on what they won't move, ranging from things like household chemicals, paints and liquids that jeopardize their safety, to things that won't move because of liability risks like cash, valuables, important papers, photographs, pets, food and medicine.  If you are planning on moving any of these items, be prepared to pack and move them yourself.

When you hire your movers, find out whether they are planning on packing or whether that's your responsibility.  If you are packing, use lots of cushion in the form of newspaper, bubble wrap or blankets because if items you packed break while they're being transported, movers usually aren't liable for it.  Make sure you have plenty of boxes and label everyone with your name, room destination, and what's inside so you can stay on top of where everything needs to go in your new home.  Once packing's finished, separate the boxes that are heavy from the ones that are light to make loading easier.  Also, keep doorways clear of boxes so there are no tripping hazards and don't put boxes on the heavy furniture that will be most likely loaded first.

In case something goes wrong, be sure you are covered by purchasing insurance, whether through the moving company or your own provider.  If you purchase from the moving company, you will have to choose between two types:  by the pound and comprehensive.  By the pound is generally cheaper, but it will only reimburse you for something based on its weight, which may not cover the full replacement or repair value.  Comprehensive coverage may cost more, but it covers all damages and losses.

Having drinks and snacks on hand is a kind thing to do for your movers.  They are often booked back to back and don't have time for a meal or even a snack between houses.  So having cold water bottles and energy bars are a great way to show you appreciate how much work they are doing and to make sure they stay at their best.

Finally, be sure you have cash to tip your movers.  Moving is hard work, especially if they are going to be driving a long distance to your new home.  So if they do a good job, make sure to give them some cash to show how much you appreciate their hard work!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Brushy Creek

This month, we will be exploring the Brushy Creek Neighborhood of Austin, Texas.  This Northwest Austin Suburb is popular for its highly rated schools, proximity to both Austin and Round Rock, and newer more spacious construction.  Brushy Creek is located North of the 45 Toll Road, to the West of I-35, to the East of 183, and South of Whitestone Boulevard.  It is in Williamson County.

Brushy Creek Regional Trail is a very popular destination with locals in the Brushy Creek Area. There are nearly 7 miles of hiking trails with amenities available for walkers, runners, bikers and hikers.  There are amenities ranging from splash pads, swimming areas, climbing rocks, fishing docks, canoeing and kayaking, restrooms, and several picnic and pavillion areas.  The trail is accessible from multiple residential areas, and even businesses and retail centers.

Brushy Creek is also less than eight miles from Lakeline Mall, which has a huge selection of shopping, restaurants and entertainment ranging from movie theaters to family fun parks.  There’s something for everyone!

Looking for an apartment in Brushy Creek?  Apartments Now can help!  Give us a call today at 512-258-8224 to take advantage of our expert knowledge of the vacancies, move-in specials and amenities at all the best Brushy Creek addresses!

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