Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meeting Your Neighbors

Meeting your neighbors can be intimidating, but it not only builds a sense of community, but it is a great way to make new friends, especially if you're new to an area.  With Apartment Therapy's Tips, you'll be making new friends in your new home in no time!

The first bit of advice might seem obvious, but it's simply, "talk to people."  If you see your neighbor in the hallway, say hi and introduce yourself.  If another neighbor has their hands full with groceries, offer to help.  Look for ways to talk to people that seem natural, not forced.

Frequent common spaces, like an apartment building courtyard or swimming pool.  You may wind up striking up a conversation with a neighbor and may even get invited to do something like head over to the pool table in your complex's clubhouse and play a game!  If you don't leave your apartment, you'll never meet anyone, so try to get to know your complex's amenities so you'll hopefully get to know your neighbors.

If there are any festivals or block parties in your area, be sure to go to them.  Sure it can feel a little weird to go by yourself, but you will most likely be rewarded by meeting a few new friends and having a good time.

Join to try and find people in your area with common interests that are having meetups.  This is a great way to find people you have things in common with and often these events are organized by neighborhood.

Finally, join your local cultural institutions, like art museums, the symphony, theatre, etc.  Many of these have events, which is a great way to make new friends who also like to support the arts.  

If all else fails, knock on your neighbor's door and introduce yourself.  Sure, it may feel a little awkward, but how can you meet anyone if you don't take a little bit of a risk?

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Milwood Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

This month, we’re spotlighting the Milwood neighborhood of Austin, Texas.  This week, we’ll be taking a look at some of the dining and entertainment options in this area in Northwest Austin.

Thai Cuisine is popular with Milwood residents looking for authentic Thai dishes served up with plenty of spice.  Favorites include their curries and everyone loves the free appetizers.  Be sure to get there early, as Thai Cuisine is a very popular lunch spot.

Prima Pizza Pasta is another locally family owned Milwood restaurant beloved for their pizza, pasta, and calzones served by friendly faces at great prices.  Insider tip:  Prima Pizza Pasta is BYOB, pick up a bottle of red or a six pack at the HEB in the same complex and save some dough!

Smokey Mo’s Barbecue has several locations in and around Central Texas, and they know their barbecue!  Yet another family-owned business, Smokey Mo’s grew from a single location in Cedar Park in 2000, and now has eleven restaurants serving up delicious brisket, ribs, and more!  

Milwood is just five miles from the Domain, a high-end outdoor shopping mall that has over 100 stores and restaurants in a park-like setting.  

For entertainment, if you are ready to have a truly unique movie watching experience, check out IPic Theaters.  Where else can you watch a first run movie in a reclining lazy boy chair with a blanket if you want one, while eating gourmet food and sipping on hand-crafted cocktails?  Sure, the ticket price reflects the cushy experience, but you’re worth it.

The Domain is full of loads of wonderful shops like Anthropologie, which has all the latest trends you've seen in Lucky or In Style, not only for yourself but also for your home.  You'll feel like a starlet in their beautiful clothing and taking a spin in the dressing room is fun even if your pocketbook is more Walmart than Neiman Marcus. 

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Apartment Decorating Tips

Decorating an apartment can feel very limiting at times.  Often you can't paint and you want to limit the number of holes you put in the wall.  With Better Homes and Gardens' Tips, you'll be making your place look like home in no time!

If you use floating shelves, you can change out the display on a frequent basis without putting additional holes in the wall.  From decorative items to leaning art and photographs, floating shelves are a very flexible way to spice up your walls.  

You may not be able to paint your walls, but you can paint your furniture!  Repainting an end table or dresser can make a huge difference in a room without having to worry about what your landlord will say.  

Using open shelving, particularly in the kitchen, can help you have more storage while using your objects as decor.  You can also use decorative containers to store kitchen utensils to liven up your counters.  

By using rugs, you can cover unsightly carpet in rentals and add more color and style to any room.  You also should work with, rather than against, elements that might not be your favorite.  Vintage bathrooms, for example, may have unusual colored tile.  Pick an accent color for accessories that distracts from the tile without clashing with it for the best look.

Create an entry if your apartment doesn't have one with a bookcase.  Take out the top shelves and put hooks on the back wall to hang coats.  Add more hooks to the sides of the bookshelf to hang dog leashes or umbrellas.  Add baskets and small drawers to the bottom shelves to keep mittens, sunglasses, and other accessories.  You can even add a memo bar from the office store to the top to keep reminders you need to see as you leave each day.

Mirrors are a great way to brighten up small, dark places.  Try mirrors in your living room, dining room or bedroom to make the space look and feel larger.  Bonus points (and light) if you position the mirror across from a window.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This month, we’ll be exploring the Milwood neighborhood of Austin, Texas.  This quiet, tree-lined neighborhood is located about 14 miles Northwest of downtown.  Milwood is located south of Parmer Lane, West of Mopac, east of Anderson Lane and north of 183.  This area has a rich history that is linked to emancipation of the slaves after the Civil War.

Rubin Hancock and his brothers Peyton, Salem, and Orange were some of the earliest emancipated slaves to own land in Travis County and their combined holdings, plus those of other emancipated African Americans, comprised much of the area where Milwood exists today. Rubin's homestead, where he and his wife Elizabeth had a farm and lived from the late 1870's to 1916 when Rubin died, was located where Parmer Lane and Mopac intersect today just north of the Balcones baseball complex.  His heirs sold the land in 1942.

Today, residents enjoy highly rated schools, a friendly community, as well as nearby access to nature via many parks and a greenbelt.  The location is convenient to major freeways, including 183 and Mopac, and just five miles from the Domain.  All in all a great place to live no matter where you need to be in Austin for work!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Brighten up a Dark Apartment

Brightening up a dark space is a must if your apartment doesn't get as much light as you'd like it.  With Apartment Therapy's tips, you'll be seeing the light in no time! 

Replacing heavy thick curtains with sheers can go a long way towards letting light in, as will replacing lightbulbs with daylight bulbs.  Other ways are to decorate with items that give out and reflect light, like mirrors, glass and metal.  You can also make a window look bigger by using floor-length curtains on either side.  A room will feel more spacious and light filled if you use less furniture and make sure it's low to the ground and on a smaller scale.  

You'll get a better quality of light by decorating with a variety of lamps rather than a single overhead light.  Diversify the levels of light in different parts of the room by varying the brightness in different areas.  Use different types of lights at different levels (on the ground, on tables, and hanging from the ceiling.)  Painting your walls white (be sure to ask your landlord first), will go a long way towards taking advantage of any light in your apartment.  As far as what you hang on your walls, stick with light artwork, and on the floor, use rugs in light colors as well.  

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cat Hollow Schools and Employers

This month, we’re spotlighting the Cat Hollow Neighborhood of Austin, Texas.  This week, we’ll be taking a look at the schools and employers in this Northwest Austin suburb.

Students in Cat Hollow attend prestigious Round Rock ISD schools.  Children in grades Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade attend the Exemplary rated Brushy Creek Elementary School.  Their mascot is the Blue Jay and their colors are blue and yellow.  

Students in grades six through eight attend Cedar Valley Middle School, whose mascot is the Jaguars and whose colors are purple and black.  The mission statement of this Exemplary rated school is to educate children in a safe and nurturing environment that challenges them to reach personal goals and to exceed state and national standards.  

McNeil High School is attended by Cat Hollow residents in ninth through twelfth grade.  This Recognized high school’s mascot is the Mavericks and its colors are Navy Blue, Forest Green and White.  McNeil’s mission is to provide rigorous and relevant curricula and teaching to prepare all students for college, careers, and citizenship upon graduation.  

There are many employers in easy commuting distance from Cat Hollow, both in Austin and in the surrounding areas.  Dell, a global computer manufacturer and seller that employs over 100,000 people across the globe, is less than six miles from Cat Hollow. Michael Dell famously started the company in his dorm room at the University of Texas and grew the company into one of the largest computer companies in the world.   

Eclipse Solar Gear is located in Cat Hollow and makes bags, backpacks and other accessories that use solar power to charge mobile devices.

M3 Design Inc. is just seven minutes from Cat Hollow.  M3Design employs designers and engineers to provide product development services -- from planning to prototyping to production support -- for customers in a variety of industries, including consumer electronics, consumer products, network communications hardware, and industrial and medical equipment. 

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Preparing your Home for Vacation

Preparing your home before you go on vacation will ensure you can have a stress-free trip and will make your return much smoother.  With's tips, you won't forget anything and can relax with a clear mind!

Make sure that your pets are properly cared for, whether by a pet sitter or boarding facility.  Make detailed instructions for your pet and give Fido's caregiver lots of your pet's favorite food, treats, toys, medicines and other necessaries that will last until your return.

Go through your refrigerator and throw away anything that would go bad while you are gone.  Before you leave, be sure to throw out the trash so you aren't greeted with the overwhelming smell of rotting food when you walk back in the door!

Take care of laundry before your departure so you can return to clean clothes.  Also, change the sheets on your beds so you can spend your first night back home on freshly laundered bedding.

Make sure you don't return to wilted plants by getting a friend or neighbor to water them while you are away.  Be sure to provide them with a list of your plants, where they are located, and any special instructions.  If you can't get someone to water, purchase and install a few self-watering plant stakes.

If you'll be gone for a short period of time, leave a few lights on throughout the house so it looks like someone is home.  If you'll be gone longer than a couple of days, get some automatic timers that turn lights on and off at random times to thwart thieves.  You should also let a neighbor you trust know you're going so they can watch out for suspicious behavior as well.

Unplug appliances that won't be running and set your air conditioner or heater so it won't come on a lot while you're gone.  No reason to pay electricity bills for an empty house!

Put your mail and newspapers on hold with the post office and Subcription desk at your newspaper so they don't pile up in your front yard while you're out of town.  Or ask a neighbor to pick them up for you.

Make sure you've arranged for breakfast the morning after your return.  Cereal and shelf-stable milk is a good bet, or something frozen that can be reheated.  Don't forget the coffee!  Also, give the house a quick once-over so you can return home to a nice, clean house.  Safe travels!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cat Hollow Dining and Entertainment

This month, we’re spotlighting the Cat Hollow Neighborhood in Austin, Texas.  This week, we’ll be taking a look at some of the dining and entertainment options in this Northwest suburb.

Akira Sushi Grill and Wok gets high marks for their sushi and in particular their Bento Boxes.  They are also beloved for their extensive menu and great prices.

If you’re looking for an unusual meal, and maybe even the ingredients to cook it with afterwards, check out Teji’s Indian Restaurant and Grocery.  They get high marks from diners for their Chicken Vindaloo, which is nice and spicy, and their light fluffy rice.  Afterwards, head over to the grocery side for some delicious ingredients so you can recreate your dish at home!

For entertainment, Flix Brewhouse serves up movies and beer in a comfy theatre setting showing the latest new releases.  They have a whole wall of taps, including beer they brew themselves!  And your seats are grouped based on when you bought them, so you don’t need to show up extra early to make sure you can sit with your date.

If live theatre is more your thing, Cat Hollow is just ten minutes from Sam Bass Community Theatre, where they’ve been serving up entertaining theatre since 1981 in the Old Round Rock Railroad Depot.  Their season usually has a variety of works, from Murder Mystery whodunits to dramas and comedies, to musicals with casts so large you can’t believe they can get that many people on stage.  They also have a Youth Guild where children and young adults learn all parts of the craft of theatre and put it to work on stage in full productions.

Looking for an apartment in Cat Hollow?  Apartments Now can help with our extensive knowledge of the move-in specials, vacancies and amenities at all the best Cat Hollow addresses.  Give us a call today at 512-258-8224.

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