Thursday, December 31, 2015

Jumpstart Your Home Organization

The New Year brings a fresh start and clean slate, what better time to organize your apartment. If one of your goals this year is to organize your home, then these three organizational tips are sure to help you jumpstart your efforts in the New Year.

CLEAN OUT:  Start by decluttering your apartment. Try to move on to your new holiday stuff and get rid of anything old that can be replaced. Also, if you did not use any holiday decorations this year chances are you don’t need them. Remember all of this can go into a donation pile. Once you get rid of useless items, you will be amazed how much more spacious your apartment will start looking. This might be the hardest part, but it can also be very rewarding.Make this a new organized year for you!

ORGANIZE: Now that you have only kept the essentials start to organize your apartment. If you traveled over the holidays now is a good time to unpack and store the suite cases away. Start organizing every nook and cranny in your apartment. Add storage solutions to help you stay organized. It may seem overwhelming, but take it day by day and room by room.  Resolve to make the New Year a time to get and stay organized. Check out these simple and effective apartment friendly organizational tips for more ideas on our Pinterest board Apartment Organization.

START A ROUTINE: The most important part of organizing your home is keeping up with it. To keep up with the task you should set a daily and monthly routine. If you work in daily tasks then it will make the big jobs easier on you. Get a calendar and plan out your chores and stay on track. If you are having fun you just might never stop!

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Downtown: A Great Neighborhood In San Antonio To Rent An Apartment

Downtown is the heart of the city, and home to some of the city’s oldest neighborhoods and tallest buildings. Rich with history it’s a great place to live, just ask the hundreds of residents that call this area of San Antonio home.  It’s never been a better time to rent an apartment in downtown with all the new multi-family development and the redevelopment of the area. Now could be one of the best times to lease an apartment in downtown with some of the lowest occupancy rates reported all year.

For decades the hallmarks of downtown were the Alamo and a convention center, but it has begun to evolved to more. With the revitalization of downtown come new trendy restaurants, a downtown grocery store, a new children’s museum, a performing arts center, new hotels, and an expansion in the housing market. Crime is on a steady decline in the area and downtown transportation is expanding.

There has been a lot of focus placed on the revitalization of downtown. You can now find various blogs, facebook pages, and groups focused on promoting the development of downtown San Antonio. There has been a clear movement to preserve, protect and develop the downtown area. 

In just a decade, downtown multi-family housing has come a long way. New multi-family construction remains a driving force in the downtown market with over 3,000 units on the horizon for downtown living. There is no better time than now to rent a downtown apartment with the higher vacancy rates and a third quarter decline in rent rates.

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Monday, December 21, 2015

3 Small Space Decorating Tips For A Studio Apartment

When renting a small space, it is important that you make every inch count. Just because you have one room does not mean you can’t make your apartment feel like home sweet home. Don’t sacrifice style, but make the most of your space by utilizing these 3 cleaver decorating tips that are sure to make your small space more livable.

Tip 1: Divide it up!
Get creative with your space and create a separation between the sleeping and living area. Divide up your one room and help create the illusion of more space. Mount a sheer curtain to a track to give a bedroom some privacy, or simply use bookcases to divide up the dining room from the living room.

Tip 2: Lighten it up!
Brighten up your living space and transform your small space. If you do not get much natural light then make sure to add a mirror to your studio apartment. Also make sure to add a combination of houseplants and throw pillows to your apartment to help incorporate some color. Remember your space is a reflection of your style! 

Tip 3: Hang it up!
Add some character to your walls by hanging up some floating shelves. Utilize your vertical space and eliminate adding additional furniture in your small space. 

How do you make your studio apartment work for you? Let us know in the comments below.

We feel even the smallest space is worth decorating. If you are looking for an apartment where you can get creative with the space saving solutions then contact us and let our licensed apartment finders find you perfect apartment with just enough space! 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Where is everyone renting in San Antonio?

With multi-family construction on the rise, apartment vacancy down and rent going up, it is clear that San Antonias love to rent apartments. This year there were two areas in and around San Antonio that continued to report an increase in their apartment occupancy rate, even when some San Antonio markets were weakened. Let’s take a deeper look at those areas, and check out why they have become so popular to San Antonio renters!

Far Northwest San Antonio

San Antonio is growing north at a very fast pace, and this area of town is right in its growth path. Two major roadways pass through the Far Northwest part of San Antonio, Loop 1604 and Interstate 10, which makes it a very desirable area to commuters. Several employers have given the Far Northwest area momentum including Valero, NuStar Energy, Security Service Federal Credit Union headquarters, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  Not to mention the over 30,000 students at the UTSA main campus that call this area home. It is no wonder the occupancy rate keeps climbing! 

The Far Northwest area is considered one of the higher-end areas of San Antonio, and has become well known because of the success of La Cantera Mall and The Rim Shopping Center. Apartment construction has exploded in this highly desirable area. In Q3 more than seventy-five percent of new multi-family construction broke ground in this sector of San Antonio.  


Kerrville is a smaller town located only 62 miles northwest of San Antonio, and in the heart of the hill country. The city is home to Schreiner University as well as Alamo Colleges – Greater Kerrville Center. Located on Interstate 10 Kerrville has two major highways intersecting, State Highway 16 and 27. It is a town thriving on the hospitality and tourism industry, as well as business communities like James Avery’s headquarters.

Job growth is positive and the city has seen a slow and steady growth in population. The majority of the people residing in the Kerrville area are smaller households and they fall in the 35 years or older category.Kerrville has maintained a low unemployment rate while increasing their tourism by twelve percent, which is a good sign for the growth of the area.

Apartment rent rates in Kerrville continue to rise up, while apartments across the board in Kerrville remain at least ninety-eight percent occupied. Kerrville is one of the few areas in and around San Antonio to experience a growth in both occupancy and rental rates. It is also worth noting that that they also have some of the lowest priced apartments across San Antonio. It is not that uncommon to see San Antonians renting in Kerrville and working in San Antonio.

It is clear that both these areas have become very desirable places to live given their continued rise in apartment demand. Are you interested in renting in San Antonio? Contact one of our apartment finders and let us help find you the apartment in your budget in your desired part of town!

How to Transform The Outdoor Space In An Apartment

Just because you do not have a yard does not mean you cannot enjoy your outdoor space. Decorating such a small space can sometimes come as a challenge, but by following this renter-friendly, five-step process you are sure to add some charm to your outdoor space.  

Decide on a color scheme. 
Nothing brings a space to life like color! Decide on a color scheme and start decorating your outdoor space. Try painting an existing piece of patio furniture in a bold cheerful color. You will be amazed at how much color can transform your space!

Set-up furniture.
Determine just how much space you have so that you know what will fit. Add a space saving table and matching chairs or just a small bistro set. A utility cart is a great patio addition that you can roll in or out as needed. If you are a DIYer then try creating your own seating. Just make sure you have ample seating, especially if you plan to entertain outdoors.

Define the space.
After you have set up your patio furniture then work on defining the space. Use an outdoor area rug, a couple deck tile ,or some artificial turf. If your space is small the expense for these items should be minimal. Also, don’t forget to utilize colors and patterns to define the areas in your outdoor space.

Add accessories.
Give your balcony the personal touch by adding decorative items. Grab a couple outdoor decorative pillows or drink coasters, and add comfort and color to your small balcony. A small tier of plants or an herb garden can quickly add color plus some tranquility to your space. Resist the urge to cover the balcony with trinkets that you just won’t use. Make sure to check out our Pinterest board Small Apartment Balcony for more creative ideas!

More Lights. 
Open up your outdoor space and improve the functionality with some additional lighting. It is as easy as adding an LED bulb to your outdoor lighting fixture or hanging up some chinese lanterns. Adding a string of lights to your balcony railing you also add a functional and also decorative effect to your space. 

Need more ideas...
Check out our Pinterest board Small Apartment Balcony for tons more ideas. Make sure to follow us on Pinterest, and get inspired to makeover your outdoor space!

Do you have a small outdoor space that you have transformed and now love? We'd love to hear all of your apartment balcony makeover ideas!

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