Thursday, January 29, 2015

Legacy Heights Apartments Sold

Legacy Heights Apartments, which are located off of Austin Highway and have 306 apartments, was purchased by Cottonwood Residential of Salt Lake City, the San Antonio Business Journal reports.

The company, from Salt Lake City, did not reveal how much they paid for the complex, but it was last appraised by the Bexar County Appraisal District for $33.9 million.

The community was originally built in 2009 by Embrey Partners.  The Class A complex has a game room, fitness center, resort-style swimming pool, dog park and more amenities.  Units range from 1-3 bedrooms and the community is 22 acres.

Cottonwood Residential owns four properties in San Antonio and others in Corpus Christi, Houston, El Paso, Frisco, Austin and other Texas communities.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Utility Costs in Austin, Texas

A lot of people aren't sure what to expect to pay for utilities when moving to a new city or a new apartment.  It can be difficult to budget if you don't know how much you will be paying.  There are a few ways to estimate your bill when relocating.

The easiest way is to ask your landlord or the previous tenant what the average monthly costs are for utilities.  If they can't (or won't) tell you, you can contact the individual providers and ask them what their costs are.  Be sure to find out what gas, cable, internet, and/or satellite providers are available at your new apartment complex, as not all service providers service all areas.

Austin Energy provides electricity, water, and trash for Austin.  Austin energy bills are the lowest in Texas for average residential users and rank lower than the national averages.  You can see their rates here. Keep in mind that heating costs tend to spike in the Winter, and cooling costs increase substantially in the Summer.  Austin temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees in July, August, and September, so you're likely to see your bill increase dramatically during that time.  Austin Energy provides Budget Billing, which gives you the option to have your bills averaged over the year and then you can pay the same amount each month, making it much easier to budget.

If you are new to Austin, you can also look at cost of living indices.  Numbeo reports that the average basic utilities (electricity, heating, water, and garbage) for a 914 square feet apartment is  $171.43.  The range is from $130.33 to $230.  Internet is reported to average $44.00 per month.  

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Texas Will Add Jobs in 2015, Despite Falling Oil Prices

Texas is forecast to add between 2 and 2.5 percent more jobs statewide this year, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas' Senior Economist and Research Officer said Tuesday in #SanAntonio, The San Antonio Business Journal reports.  

Around 235,000 to 295,000 new jobs are expected to be created this year, down from about 408,000 new jobs added to the economy last year.  The difference is party due to falling crude oil prices and how that will effect Texas' economy.

Luckily, Texas has diversified its economy since the oil recession of the 1980's, and the economy should continue to grow.  Areas that are heavily dependent on oil production such as Permian Basin in West Texas and Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas will be harder hit.  Houston, despite its high number of energy-sector jobs will still see positive job growth.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reducing Clutter: Creating a Landing Strip

A new year, a new clutter-free life, right?  Not if you don't have the proper processes and habits in place to set yourself up for success!  Read on for how to create a Landing Strip to stop clutter before it enters your apartment, courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

The Landing Strip area should be set up in your apartment, near your front door, where it will be the first thing you see when you enter and the last thing you see before you leave.  A small area will do the trick, as long as you can fit a few key elements:  a spot or hook for your keys and a bowl or container for change and your wallet on a flat surface such as a side table so you can sort mail and other things that enter your home.  Two "nice to haves" you can include are a mirror so you can make sure you're presentable as you leave and a small trashcan or recycling bin for the incoming things that need to be thrown out.

Make sure your space is inviting so you will get in the habit of using it on each trip in or out of your house.  The process should work as follows:  you return home and hang your coat (you can add hooks to your landing strip or put it in a coat closet), put your keys and wallet in their places, and empty your bags of anything you won't need next time you leave the house.  Hang your bags (either on hooks or in the closet).

Stay at the landing strip and go through your mail and anything else you've brought with you.  Throw away or recycle right away anything you don't need.  Then go ahead and put away any other stuff you have with you, like groceries, etc.

By doing this every time you return home, you are taking just a couple of minutes to ensure that clutter doesn't pile up, you can always find your keys and wallet, and you don't miss important mail items like bills!

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter Fire Safety Tips

In winter we're more likely to engage in activities that could be dangerous.  Read Realty Times' Winter Fire Safety Tips to be sure you won't accidentally start a fire and that you can put it out quickly and escape safely should one happen. 

Have your furnace checked annually.  If you are renter, your property management company should do this for you.  If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, have the chimney and vents checked as well.  If you burn fires a lot, have a chimney sweep come out and clean your chimney once a year.  Also, make sure your fireplace is covered with a screen to prevent sparks escaping and require children and pets to sit at least three feet away from lit fires in the fireplace.

Test smoke alarms and set up a reminder in your calendar to change the batteries once every six months.  Changing them when we gain an hour in the Fall and lose an hour in the Spring is a good standard, easy to remember time.  Make sure you have smoke alarms in the kitchen, laundry room, and bedrooms.

Watch out for candles that are lit and never leave them unattended or in a place where they can be knocked over by children or pets.  Blow out candles anytime you leave a room.  Do the same with smoking materials.  Your safest choice is to smoke outside.

Space heaters are another danger.  Make sure they have plenty of room to operate, free from curtains tablecloths or other fabrics.  Don't allow pets or children any closer than 3 feet to them and make sure they have automatic shut-offs that will turn them off before they get too hot.

Kitchen fires can spread quickly, so have baking soda and salt on hand to put out grease fires (water doesn't help), and have pot lids on hand to smother any pans and pots that get too hot.

Make sure your family knows the escape route and practices it.  Teach them to crawl, below the smoke, to the exit from any room.  Also make sure they know how to stop, drop and roll if their clothes catch on fire.

Fire extinguishers are a must.  Keep one under the kitchen sink and one in the hall closet near the bedrooms.  Be sure you have the right extinguisher: A for paper, wood, and trash, B for grease and flammable liquids, and C for small 
electrical fires.

Finally, make sure everyone in the family knows how to dial 911 in an emergency.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New City Council Ready to Be More Open

The new Austin City Council only has one returning member, and they plan to use their new status by learning from the old Council's mistakes.  Time Warner Cable News reports.

The new council is currently going through an orientation, and yesterday the Travis County Attorney told them about how the previous council had gotten in trouble using walking quorums in 2011.

Walking quorums are when a majority of the council members discuss business outside of an official meeting, which is a violation of the Open Meetings Act.  The new council said that they hope to prevent a similar problem by having more meetings.

The new Mayor, Steve Adler says that he considers being transparent an important part of council's job and that you can get things done while still being transparent.  He said it was important for the council to know the rules so they can do both.

The council and mayor will be discussing city issues via an online message board, which will allow the public to see what is going on.  A new law the Texas Legislature passed recently allowed this to happen and Austin is the first city in Texas to try the technology.

What do you think of the new 10-1 Council?  Are you excited about the chance to have a more direct voice in the council?  Or worried they will get bogged down with so many competing opinions?

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Six Items to Toss from Your Pantry

New year, new chance to get rid of all the extra stuff that's taking up space in your life!  Apartment Therapy tells you what to get rid of in your kitchen.

Anything that's stale or expired should be tossed.  If it's an open package, it may have gone bad even if it hasn't hit its expiration date yet.  So take a look at everything and throw away anything that isn't at its best anymore.

Do you really need 5 cans of diced tomatoes?  Take excessive duplicates to a food bank, or trade with a neighbor so you have more space for the stuff you do need.

Anything that's hiding in there that you just don't want to eat, like your Aunt's homemade jam that she makes you every year or other gifts or mistakes should be given to a food bank.  Do it now before it goes bad and no one can enjoy it.

Check your dry foods like flour for weevils or other infestations and toss anything that looks like it might have pests in it.

Spices have a long shelf life, but not THAT long.  Check out your spices and throw away anything that's so old it could get its driver's license.  You'll appreciate the flavor of fresh spices, trust us!

Finally, non-food items need to get out of your pantry!  They will just get in the way when you are trying to cook and make you frustrated.  So rehome them in the appropriate room!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Austin's Locally Owned Home Furnishings Stores

Looking for one-of-a-kind objects to decorate your apartment?  We've got a round-up of some of the most interesting locally owned home furnishings and accessories stores in town!

Like to find unique items for your apartment while enjoying a glass of wine?  Then check out Aviary on South Lamar.  Full of interesting things for your home from throw pillows with Pee Wee Herman on them to couches and beds.  They also serve a constantly changing variety of small plates featuring locally sourced delicacies.

Mockingbird Domestics is across the street from Aviary and aims to have a variety of well-made modern-classic elements for your living space.  They have beautifully handcrafted furniture and carefully curated home decor, art, rugs, and accessories.

Breed and Company is a great source for home improvement items for your home, kitchen implements, garden stuff, and everything and anything in-between!  Breed and Company has two Austin locations, one just north of Campus on 29th street, and one in Westlake.

Mi Casa is located on South Congress and has one of the largest collections of museum quality religious and folk art from Latin America.  Furniture, art, decorations, and more, there is a treasure trove of unique items inside this sprawling shop.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Returning to Work After Vacation

You may be facing a return to work after a long vacation over the holidays and feel overwhelmed about where to start.'s tips help you be productive at your job as soon as you return.

When you get back to your office, odds are you will have a huge number of voicemails and emails.  Start with the voicemails and return calls because something is usually much more urgent if someone called you about it.  Also, they may have emailed you as well, so if you speak with them, you'll be able to delete their emails afterwards.

Focus on simple tasks like filing, organizing, etc, rather than big ideas.  It's going to take some time to get back into the swing of things so use the fact that you're having a hard time focusing productively.  

When you first get back, try scheduling meetings so your coworkers enthusiasm will rub off on you and energize you to get back to work. 

Come into work early or stay late so you can get work done without the pressure of a constantly ringing phone or your coworkers interrupting you to say hello and ask how your time off was.

After time away, you'll be able to take a look at your desk from a new perspective.  Take time to try rearranging the things on your desk and in your office to see if a new setup would work better for you.

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