Thursday, April 30, 2015

Foreclosures Rates Down in San Antonio

Foreclosure rates in San Antonio and New Braunfels decreased .12 percentage points over a year ago, the San Antonio Business Journal reports.  

The foreclosure rate for February was .69 percent, less than February 2014 and less than the national foreclosure rate of 1.43 percent.

The mortgage delinquency rate was also lower.  Just 3.11 percent of all loans were 90 days or more late in February of this year, as opposed to 3.63 percent a year ago.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New 75-Acre Mixed-Use Development in Central Austin

Construction could begin by the end of 2015 on a new development in Central Austin called "The Grove at Shoal Creek", Community Impact reports.

The 75 acres of land, located at the corner of 45th street and Shoal Creek Boulevard, is one of the largest undeveloped spaces in Central Austin and was previously owned by the Texas Department of Transportation.

MileStone Community Builders plans to construct retail, offices, restaurants, apartments, townhomes, single-family homes and a 12-acre park with a 1-acre pond on the land.  

The developer has been receiving a lot of praise for their willingness to work with the surrounding neighborhood of Rosedale on plans for the project and has asked neighborhood residents for their opinions on where they want to see development.  MileStone also plans to pay for road and intersection improvements around the project to ensure traffic has a minimal impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.

The project will proceed in phases, with single-family homes likely to be included in the first phase.  

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to Handle a Late Rent Payment

It's every renter's worst nightmare:  you're going to have to pay your rent late.  Maybe you just don't have the money yet, or maybe you have it, but the check won't get to your landlord in time.  Read's helpful advice for trying to smooth things over with your landlord.

First, read your lease to see if there is a grace period.  Usually rent is due on the first, but many leases have a grace period during which the rent is still considered on time.  If you can get your rent in by the end of the grace period, congratulations, you've avoided some stress!  But if there isn't a grace period or you still won't have the money, read on for what to do.

Whatever you do, DO NOT write a check that will bounce in the hopes that your landlord won't cash it right away.  A check that is returned for insufficient funds will result in an angry landlord having to track you down and it will make you look like an unreliable tenant.  Wait to write your rent check until your account has enough money to cover it.

Write a letter to your landlord outlining why you can't pay your rent when it is due, asking politely for an extension, promise this is a one time thing, give an exact date you will pay the rent, and offer to pay some of the rent now and the rest on the proposed date.  If you've always been a good tenant, the landlord may cut you some slack this one time.  It costs money and time for landlords to find new tenants if they decide to evict you.

There will most likely be a late fee, which you can find in your lease.  If you have a really good relationship with your landlord, you could ask to have the fee waived, but be prepared to pay it.

Whatever your landlord agrees to, be sure to get it in writing with their signature.  Then keep that in your records so they can't come back and penalize you when your rent is late.  It's also a a good idea to keep it when it's time to apply for a new apartment in the future.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Protecting Yourself When You Move

If you use movers when you move, you don't want to get ripped off.  Follow Fox Around the House's advice to be sure you don't wind up with a moving company that takes your belongings or your money.

Before you've even asked for an estimate, ask if the company is insured.  If they aren't, they may be cheaper but you have no recourse if they lose your stuff.  Also, choose full-value insurance over released value.  Released value only reimburses you based on weight and full-value covers the actual cost of an item.

Make sure you keep careful records of everything in each box.  Assign a number to each box and then write down exactly what is in it.  As the boxes are taken off the truck, mark them off your list and quickly look through the contents to make sure nothing is damaged.  If a box is missing or something is broken, ask the movers for a receipt so you have proof and can contact the company for reimbursement.

Research the moving company's reputation by checking online review sites like Yelp and if you are making an interstate move, check out the US Department of Transportation's site, which any interstate moving company has to be registered with.  There you can see their driving records, any complaints they've had and other information.

Finally, don't settle for an over-the-phone quote from your moving company. Be sure they come in person to give an actual quote for your living situation and belongings.  You can also get a vibe for whether the mover seems professional. 

When it's time for the estimate, go for a binding or "binding-not-to-exceed" estimate over a non-binding estimate.  The company has to only charge you the amount on the two binding types of estimates, whereas with a non-binding estimate, they are giving you a ballpark figure and the actual amount could be much higher.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Player in San Antonio Multifamily Market

Stream Realty Partners is now expanding their real estate activities to the multifamily market, the San Antonio Business Journal reports. 

Stream has been focused on San Antonio's office and industrial market.  The city's multifamily sector has been on an upward trend with increased construction and rents and lower vacancy rates.  Investors continue to put their money behind this strong segment of the market.

Stream's senior associate of its San Antonio multifamily division will be Justin Cole, who will be in charge of third-party management, service lines, and investment sales.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pflugerville is Big on Diversity, Income

Pflugerville, the suburb north of Austin, is often passed over in favor of its more celebrated neighbors, but there's a lot to set this suburb apart.  The Austin Business Journal reports on why Pflugerville isn't just another sleepy town next to Austin.

A report based on data from a 2013 report from the Census Bureau found that over 54 percent of Pflugerville's resident population identifies as non-white, making it one of the most diverse racial and ethnic suburbs in the Austin metro area.  Kyle is the top for diversity, with 57 percent of its residents identifying as non-white.

Pflugerville also has a high annual income, with about 73 percent of households in Pflugerville making over $50,000 per year.  Cedar Park comes in a very close 2nd with 72.3 percent and Kyle is at 71.6 percent.

With regards to education, 47.5 percent of Pflugerville residents over the age of 25 have associates degrees or higher.  This compares to Cedar Park, which has 51 percent and Georgetown, which has 49 percent.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

10 Apartment Hunting Tips

Ready to find a new #apartment?  Before you go, read these ten tips for your apartment search from How Stuff Works to prevent renter's remorse.

Read your lease carefully before signing to find out what penalties there are for breaking your lease early.  You never know if you'll get a great job in another state or your neighbor will be a notorious party-thrower.  Speaking of jobs, think about your potential apartment's proximity to your work.  If your car is less than reliable, look for a place within walking or biking distance of your place of employment, or on a bus line.  If a commute isn't a problem, you can open your search up to cheaper places in the suburbs.

Look at parking and whether your car will fit into the spaces.  If you have an electric car, make sure there are outlets or rent a private garage to have access to electricity.  Are you allotted enough spaces for everyone who lives in your place?  What about guests?  Figure out all these things before signing the lease.

Come up with a budget that you can live with and stick to it.  Also, research how much things cost in the neighborhood you're looking at.  If you want to live where the action is, keep in mind that all your living expenses, from clothes to food, will go up in a more desirable neighborhood.  

Find out what the demographics are for the people who live in the communities you're interested in.  Make sure their lifestyle will work with yours and you won't be kept up by partying from college students next door.  If you plan on having a roommate, make sure all the doors lock for privacy and that there are at least two bathrooms for sanity.  Even if you will be living with your paramour, make sure there are double sinks.

If you have a pet, find out exactly how much they will cost.  It could add a lot to your rent.  Don't even think about keeping your pet a secret; your landlord will find out and you will be awash in fees and fines or even face eviction!

Make sure you get the amenities you want, but if it costs more because the community has amenities you'll never use, look somewhere else.  Also, find out how utilities are split and which ones you'll be responsible for.  Try to find out what the utility bills were historically for your unit as well so you can budget ahead of time.

Finally, make sure you see the unit you will be renting and not just the model.  If your unit is occupied, be sure to ask to see a unit with a similar floor plan and walk by the one you will have.  If you don't like it, ask the landlord if there are any in better locations available.  Also, be sure that everything is brand new and fixed before you get the keys!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Smart Furniture Arranging Rules

While it's impossible to have a one-size-fits-all set of rules to arranging furniture in every room, given that rooms are all different sizes as are furniture, Apartment Therapy's guidelines will help you have a well laid out room.

Put heavy objects away from the entry to the room if you can to make your room feel as large as possible.  By moving the visually bulkiest item away from you, it gives your eyes a better view of the rest of the room, thereby making it feel less crowded.

You should also disperse visually weighty pieces throughout the room, trying to balance them with another piece that's similarly sized.  For example, if you are placing a large mirror on one side of the room, try to have something else that is also packs a lot of weight opposite it.

Make sure there is a clear path in your entryway and don't make it too crowded with a lot of oversized furniture.  Also, don't place anything too close to the front door to impede access in and out of your #apartment.

All furniture doesn't always belong pressed right up against the walls.  Pull pieces away from the walls and feel free to use furniture to divide areas into different conversation areas.

When you put together your furniture arrangement, think about how people will move around your room.  Make sure there are clear patterns for traffic to move through the space and no obstacles.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Broadway Development Booming

Broadway is becoming San Antonio's new Main Street, the San Antonio Business Journal Reports.

New apartments like 1800 Broadway are popping up everywhere, adding to the San Antonio Children's Museum, Botanical Gardens, and Maverick Park, all of which are attracting new development.

CVS Pharmacy is building a new location at the corner of Broadway and Burr Street across from the University of the Incarnate Word and on the site of an old administration building for the college.  The project is expected to begin next month and be completed by November 2015 with a cost of $1.4 million. 

Broadway is becoming one of the many "cities-within-cities" that are happening in San Antonio to remedy the city's sprawling nature and lack of a central neighborhood.  Broadway's retail, parks, and transportation amenities make it an attractive place to live for those wanting to get everything they need close to home.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Austin's Source of Income Ordinance Goes Into Effect

The Fifth Circuit of appeals has overturned an injunction which put a temporary hold on enforcement of Austin's Source of Income Ordinance, the Austin American Statesman reports.  (Subscription required to read the entire article.)

The Austin ordinance would require that all Austin landlords accept housing vouchers under the Section 8 program.  The Austin Apartment Association and the Texas Apartment Association had been granted a temporary injunction against the ordinance going into effect.

The Texas Senate has also filed a bill which would prohibit anti-discrimination ordinances that require owners to accept government housing vouchers from otherwise qualified applicants.  Senator Kirk Watson has added an amendment which would grandfather the Austin ordinance in.

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