Thursday, June 30, 2016

Choosing Furniture For A Small Apartment

Choosing the right furniture for a small apartment can make all the difference between your home feeling cramped to comfortable. Make the most of a small space with these 3 creative tips that any small-space apartment dweller will want to follow.

Make It Skinny. Choosing furniture pieces that are skinny and simple will work best in a small space. Choose tables with slender legs and sofas that are not overly inflated. Do not be afraid to add some curves to the room by using fun shaped rugs. You want to leave the impression of openness while still delivering function.
See Clearly. Adding clear stools or chairs is a great choice in any small apartment space because it does not take up visual space, but still serves its purpose. Plus they go with everything!

Stack It Up. Just because you don't have the space for giant armchairs, large sofas, or more tables does not mean you can't have. Add ample seating for you and your guests by stacking stools in a corner of your apartment. Hang floating shelves to make more room for more stuff. Stacking up is a simple solution minus adding the bulk.

Tell us in the comments below what your can't-live without pieces are in your small space!

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Apartment Storage For Bikes

With San Antonio embarking on an effort to make the city a more bike-friendly place - introducing more bike safety laws, new bike racks and lanes, and even a bike-sharing program - we felt it was only appropriate to showcase several bike storage ideas for the DIYer in you!

If you have not used up all those pallets you used to build yourself some outdoor patio furniture then here's a great bike stand that will fit easily on your apartment patio and/or balcony.

Simple Bike Pallet Bike Stand

I love to repurpose items any chance I get. Why not repurpose your drop handle bars and utilize your bike as art in your apartment!

DIY: Wall Bike Hanger
Use a conventional product in your apartment such as a shelf or shelving brackets and hang your bike up so you can make room for the important stuff.

Make sure to check out our Pinterest for more simple and inexpensive apartment bike storage solutions.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

How To Get Your Rental Security Deposit Back

Moving into an apartment usually requires you to put a large up front deposit. Of course, when you move out you would like to see some of that deposit returned. A lot can happen between the time you get your apartment keys and the time you move-out. Following these 3 simple tips will help make sure you see that deposit back.

Take the move-in checklist serious
Make sure to thoroughly inspect the apartment and bring any items that need repairs to the attention of your landlord. Snap pictures for your own records and properly document the condition of your apartment so that you have a record incase any issues arise at move-out.

Read your lease
This is obvious, but worth repeating. Depending on your lease you might be required to fill holes or clean the windows. On top of leaving your apartment in good condition your lease will detail the steps to you need to take to get your security deposit back. Follow them!

Know your rights
Your rights will vary by location, but know what they are in your area. Make sure you know the time frame limits on getting your security deposit back along with reasons they could withhold your deposit. Check the limits and deadlines of your state.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Is Multi-Family Housing Going Grey?

Millennials are now the largest generation group in the United States and frequently referred to as the renting generation. Along with their digital advances, Millennials, are also having an impact on the rental market. Having embraced the freedom of renting over buying, Millennials list of must-have are very different from previous generations. Baby Boomers, who use to be the largest before Millennials, have also jumped on the renting trend looking to retire the responsibility of homeownership during their golden years. We can expect that by 2020 twenty percent of Baby Boomers will also be apartment dwellers.

Both Millennials and Baby Boomers are drawn to the conveniences of apartment living. As the first and second largest generational groups shift the trend, they will continue to impact the housing market and the way we live.

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Sign Your Apartment Lease With Confidence

One of the most important things you will do during the apartment search process is sign a lease agreement. With all the excitement in finding your ideal place it is important that you remember to explore all the terms in your lease. So that you can commit to your lease without regrets, we recommend you check these 5 items off your list prior to signing on the dotted line.

1. Visit the apartment complex.
You should not just imagine what it is like to live there. This is the place you are going to start and end your day for at least the next year. It is important to get an idea of your commute, and how the space around you feels. However, if you are unable to make an in person visit then utilize an apartment finder in your home search. They can help verify that what you are seeing online is not a scam while also helping guide you through the entire apartment search process, free of charge to you.

2. Ask important questions.
Pay attention to the details in your lease and ask those important questions such as:
  • What is the pet policy?
  • Can I paint my apartment or do any other customization?
  • What is the lease renewal policy and is it automatic?
Although renters insurance is always recommended, you will want to check with your landlord to see if it is required. Under pressure you might feel like only giving it a quick skim, but it is important to know all the details in your lease that could cause you not to get your security deposit refunded.

3. Get everything in writing.
Do not just glance over your lease contract but make sure everything you verbally discussed with your landlord, such as improvements or revisions, has been properly documented. Confirm your move in and move out date is accurate and make sure you understand what all the legal jargon in your lease actually means for you. Most importantly do not assume a handshake will take care of it so get it in writing and make it legally binding.

4. Know what your rent payment covers.
Some apartment complexes include utilities with their monthly rent, while others do not. Make sure you know if your rent covers more than you think. Before you give a lease your autograph find out which bills will impact your monthly budget. Asking about this upfront will allow you to better budget your monthly expenses and avoid being caught surprised.

5. Be financially prepared.
When you sign your lease you are not just signing a piece of paper, but also paying a large sum of money. Before you sign your lease make sure your budget will cover all of your moving expenses. Get your finances in order before you sign your next lease agreement because once you sign what is done is done!

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Just because you are not buying a place does not mean you can bail on your rental. A lease agreement is a legally binding contract and not just a piece of paper with your signature on it. Running down this checklist will help you determine if the rental agreement is a good fit, while also helping you avoid getting into a rental panic later.

*A version of this article previously appeared on Angie's List.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Clever Sliding Door Solutions For Renters

Do your ordinary apartment sliding doors need some oomph? Here are three simple ways to help transform your sliding doors while adding some color and cheer to the room!

1. Add a pop of color by adding only a curtain valance to the top of the sliding doors.
Source:The Homes I Have Made

2. Transform the warmth of the space, while keeping the sun out, with a curtain hanging from top to bottom.

Source: Better Homes & Garden

3. Keep them functional and beautiful!

Source: Better Homes & Garden
Do you have any smart ways to hang sliding door treatments? Share with us below!

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tips For Creating A Top Notch Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall in your apartment is a great way to transform a room using very little money. Whether you want to make a statement or just showcase some of your favorite items, here are some useful tips to help you put it all together.

Mix it up. Add a variety of photos, prints, paintings, and objects for a curated look. Don’t be afraid to mix up frame or picture mat styles.   
Get creative. Try painting or drawing something yourself for your wall.  Kids painting also make a great addition to a gallery wall.
AGirl and A Glue Gun
Don’t get stuck on spacing. After you have decided which wall to use and how much space you have available then get started by choosing one big item to anchor the wall. Then build around it leaving around 2 - 3 inches between pictures. Do not feel like everything needs to have the same spacing around it, do what works for your space.
Use a template. Find a template you like then use painters tape to plan it out on the floor. Figure out your arrangement and then start hanging it all up.
Decorating your apartment does not have to feel overwhelming, nor does looking for a place to call home. Contact our apartment finders and let them help you find the perfect apartment for you and your budget.