Friday, September 30, 2016

Essential First-Time Renter Tips

Getting ready to get your first place is super exciting. However, it can also be a very intimidating and stressful time. Renting an apartment for the first time is a pretty-big-deal, and the decision should not be taken lightly. We share a couple tips for first-time renters so that you don’t find your head spinning through the entire process.

Get it in writing.
It is important that when you actually find a place that you love that you do not just glaze over the details. Get everything in writing and pay close attention to the details outlined in your lease agreement.

Be certain you can afford the rent.
There are plenty of upfront costs associated with renting an apartment. Most of these costs will occur before you even spend your first night in your new apartment. Experts recommend that you keep your rental expenses to 30% of your annual income while maintaining a savings of 10% for emergency situations. Budgeting expenses now will eliminate the hassle later.

Renter’s insurance is a must.
Renters insurance is one of the most affordable types of insurance. While you might think it is ok to pass on this, don’t! Policies are relatively affordable and you can protect yourself for as little as $30 a month. This is a must-have for any renter!

Our apartment finders are experts in working with first-time renters. They will make the challenges of finding an apartment easier on you! Give us a call and let Apartments Now help make this experience a memorable one for you.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Decorate Your Apartment For Fall

Autumn is the season of change, but changes do not have to only occur outdoors. You can celebrate the season of change indoors by decorating your apartment. Here are 3 decorating ideas sure to bring warmth into your small space for fall.  

Freshen Up Your Front Door
Grab a couple command hooks and hang a fall wreath on your front door. Give neighbors, family, and friends a nice fall welcome when they come to visit. For those DIYers, get creative with all of our ideas on Pinterest and design your own look.

Add Fall Faux-liage To A Room
Swap out all your summer colors for some fall tones and add some foliage to your apartment. It can go anywhere in your apartment - mantel, bookcase, kitchen table. Adding a few orange or natural/rustic hues to the room will go a long way.

Warm Things Up
Add a few coordinating throws to your living room while also changing out light-weight fabrics for something with more of a fall tone. There is no need to paint existing furniture, just add a splash of pumpkin or work in a few fall accessories to get the look.

Would you like to welcome the arrival of fall in a new apartment? Simple. Give our apartment finders a call and let them find you the perfect place to call home this fall!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Feng Shui Your Apartment To A Happier Life

Does your apartment have good energy? You might have dismissed the idea to feng shui your apartment, but it it does not hurt to consider all the ways your apartment could be affecting your mojo. So whether you are transitioning into a new apartment or just doing some holiday decorating or organizing, here are a few quick and easy tips sure to get things rolling in a new direction.

Bedroom: Put Your Bed in the Command Position
First, make sure in your bedroom that where you place the bed you can enter it from both sides. It also must be placed where you have a clear view of the door, without having your feet point directly at it. All of these feng shui tips will help aid in a better night’s sleep.

Living Room: Add Live Plants
If you have a computer make sure to place a live plant within 3 feet to help balance the electro-magnetics that come from electronic devices. Surround yourself with live plants, preferably those with rounded leaves since they represent wealth and you want to welcome wealth!  Most importantly do not hold on to old flowers. Dried flowers in the room represent dead energy, and you don't need any of that. Do not want live plants around then buy a silk plant or anything made of a natural material.

Kitchen Nook/Dining Area: Add A Mirror
A well placed mirror can help transmit the flow of energy in your apartment. Adding them to your dining area can help increase the enjoyment of meals. They also help brighten up dark areas.  Make sure to stay away from placing them in front of doors since the feng shui concept believes it will only repel entering energy.

If you have never decorated by the rules of feng shui you might be surprised how a few minor adjustments can have such a huge affect on your life.

Finding an apartment in San Antonio does not have to be a challenge nor should it add stress or negative energy to your life. Our apartment finders are experts in working with clients who want to find a great place with good energy, location, amenities - all within budget! Give Apartments Now a call today and let us help you find the perfect place for you!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Most Haunted Places In San Antonio

Halloween might only take place on one night, but those who really enjoy the spooky holiday will enjoy getting their pants scared off for the entire month of October. If you like getting your adrenaline pumping, here are 5 places in San Antonio worth checking out (if you dare).

A former nun is said to haunt the halls of Dubuis Hall.

Dr. Emily West, who the hotel is named after, helped end the Revolutionary War. The hotel is said to be haunted by old patients and those who fought in the Battle of the Alamo. There are claims of a woman in roaming the halls in medical gown and other unexplained activities.

There are claims of unexplained activities such as music being played, dolls being moved around and doors opening by ghost.

Frank (former Alamo Street Theatre and Restaurant)
It is said that Margaret Gething, an actress who performed here a lot and lived a couple blocks away, can be seen still performing on the balcony from time to time.

There are reports that the west wing is haunted by a woman who use to have a home there.

Are you ready to celebrate Halloween? Share your plans with us on our Facebook page.

Finding an apartment in San Antonio does not have scare the pants right off you. Our apartment finders are experts in working with renters who need to find the right place under the perfect budget. Give us a call today - we promise to leave the scary to halloween (muah ha ha)!

Tips On Moving From A House To An Apartment

Whether you are moving from a house to an apartment for financial reason or just out of personal choice it can be strenuous. Regardless of it is by choice or necessity here are 4 tips to help you make the move as manageable as possible for you.

Start The Process Early
We understand that sometimes things do not go as planned, however if you do have the time then try to plan your move wisely. Decide where you want to live, set a budget, and then get your search process underway.   

Contact An Apartment Finder In Your Area
Apartment finders are great resources that often go under utilized.  Much to often the apartment search can put a strain on your time and wallet.  Apartment locators are familiar with all the obstacles you will encounter finding a suitable space to live in a big city, and they will work for you free of charge.  They are there to help you save time and money without having to comprise your search criteria. Schedule an appointment with an apartment finder as soon as you know you need to move.

Take Inventory Of Personal Belongings
Obviously, if you are moving from a house to an apartment not everything is coming with you. Take inventory of the things you own and decide what will not be coming with you. Have a yard sale, donate to Goodwill, give stuff away to family and friends, or rent a self-storage. We understand it is a very stressful process, but learn to let go so you can move forward. Make sure everything left will fit in your new apartment.

Execute Your Move
Once you have signed your lease agreement with your new property manager you should start scheduling your move. Whether that be searching for a moving company, securing a U-Haul, or calling friends/family to help. It is important that you have a move-in date scheduled already with your landlord prior to committing any time or money to a mover.

Once you have moved into your new apartment home you can sit back and take full advantage of all the perks that come with renting. Nowadays many communities offer luxury amenities such as dog parks, pools, clubhouses, and outdoor community grills.  Maximize your new living situation!

Happen to be moving from a house to an apartment? Utilize our apartment finders in your search to help you save time and money in your search process.  Call us today!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Tips For Renting With Pets

Today 79 million U.S. households own a pet and more than half of pet owners think of their pet as family. Many pet owners who do not have children also see their pets as children. So when you are on the apartment search it is important to think about not only your needs but those of your pets too. Since leaving a pet behind is almost never an option, here are 3 things you should look for when renting your next apartment.

Some landlords can be nervous about renting to pet owners because all they are thinking about is the damage to their property, but there are exceptions. There are plenty of apartments that accept pets and you should never sign a lease if it reads “no pets allowed”, even if the landlord says it is OK. The lease must be revised properly and should be replaced with proper language approving your pet.  Prior to moving make sure your lease includes your pet deposit or any monthly fees you will incur for having a furry friend as your roommate.

Walk around the property and make sure that it is clean and that they have adequate resources to dispose of your pet waste. Take a look at entrances and exits, and pay attention to perimeter fencing and gates. Make sure it meets your expectations and is suitable for you and your pet.

There are many pet-friendly apartments in San Antonio. If finding an apartment for you and your furry friend is important to you then contact our apartment finders. They are knowledgeable of inventory in the area and know which apartments will love your pets just as much as you do!  It does not have to be a challenge to find an apartment to rent in the Alamo City with your pet, call us!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Make Your Apartment A Home

Moving into a new apartment can be exciting and also overwhelming at the same time. These 3 simple tips are sure to help you settle into your new pad and have you calling it Home Sweet Home in no time.

Hang Your Favorite Pictures: A wall of much-loved items will put a smile on your face.

Spring Clean (even if it isn’t that time of the year): You might feel like this is the last thing you want to do after moving all your worldly possessions, but giving your new home a professional cleaning will make all the difference in the world.

Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors: Having someone you can say hi to or even just to wave to makes living there a lot more enjoyable.

Moving can be a stressful time, but with proper planning it does not have to be. Plan ahead, work with an apartment locator, and stick to your schedule - you’ll be enjoying your new apartment in no time!

Millennials Love To Rent

Millennials have begun the “NOwnership” movement with their desires to minimize their footprint, maintain their freedom in this big world, and keep flexibility in their lives. Writing monthly rent checks fits in line with their generational ethos.

As multi-family construction continue to soar in the Alamo City, it is evident that apartments have become the preference for the millennial generation. Most millennials do not want to be tied down with the responsibility of homeownership nor the financial realities that come with owning a home. In today’s economy, millennials face greater insecurity in the job market and therefore have less disposable income to put down on a mortgage.

Not only have millennials changed the way we view homeownership, but multi-family developers have also kept up with their lifestyle demands. Today’s rentals are now state of the art communities, which are keeping renters staying there longer. Whether it is dog parks, cafe, movie theaters, or rooftop lounge space.  Developers have upped their game in rental developments and are keeping up with the demand.

San Antonio provides no shortage of places to live - no matter what place you are in life right now.  Our apartment finders are familiar with the city’s apartment rental inventory and can help guide you through the entire search process. Give us a call and let us help you find your next home!