Friday, July 6, 2018

The Top 10 College Apartment Essentials

Moving out of your dorm and into an apartment is a big step and as excited as you might be to move out of a tiny room, this is not a decision you should take lightly.  With more freedom comes more responsibility, and unlike a dorm, an apartment carries a lot of financial responsibility. Before you get overwhelmed shopping, here’s our list of ten essentials necessary for you to survive in your first college apartment

Where you will surf Facebook, pull the final exam all-nighter, and sleep. The top 3 essentials first needed for your bedroom are bedding, a lamp, and a study desk. Remember all the other luxury items can be collected over time.

Image courtesy of Apartment Guide

As a college student, the bathroom might be where you find yourself practicing your presentation. There are only a few things really needed for this room to be fully functional. Towels, soap, toilet paper and a shower curtain should make your list of priorities.

Image courtesy of Apartment Guide

This is the part of the shared home that you will probably spend most of your time and where grilled cheese become your best friend. As long as you have chairs, silverware, and a trashcan all else can be acquired with time.

Image courtesy of Apartment Guide

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